05 of September 2017

Sales in the USA.

The concept "fixed price" appeared in the US, the first price tags appeared there as well. Beginning from the middle of the 19th century, supermarkets and first sales began to appear in America.

Sales time.

Sales in the US are very common. Sales may be held at any holiday, season change, also sales are dedicated to new collections. There are periods of sales, the longest of which is the period that begins with Thanksgiving day (last Thursday of November) and lasts until Christmas - December 25th. The peak of sales is reached in January, when you can make purchases with a 30% discount.

Sales are also connected with opening or closing a store or moving to a new location. When the store closes, so-called clearance happens. In this case, prices are reduced to minimum, and the goods are sold by large quantities.

Discount coupons are another option to save your money. They can be found both in newspapers and advertising brochures, and on the Internet.

You can get information on discounts by subscribing to e-mails from the store, as well as watching and reading local media.

Raincheck is your opportunity to buy a product that is on sale even if it finished in a store. You will be given by the seller a document that allows you to buy the item at a reduced price, even if the sale is over. Also you can hear about rebate and mail-in-rebate.

And now the most interesting thing! In America, the buyer has the right to return any goods he/she purchased. In most cases the stores take undamaged goods back without even specifying the reason for the return.

As you already understood, in the US you can buy discounted goods almost all year round, but you need to "hunt" for discounts and search for information about upcoming promotions and sales.

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