11 of August 2017

Tips for starting your own business on Amazon.

This article is for those who are just planning to start their FBA business. What is FBA? Fulfillment by Amazon may be considered a real gift for any businessman who does not have enough time for searching for warehouses and handling the cargo.

So, today only lazy ones do not know about the prospects of Amazon trading. But, in fact, the possibilities of this world-famous marketplace are endless. The rest depends on your desire and will, as you may get billion profit selling on Amazon.

It is absolutely clear that not each of us can invest big sums of money in Amazon business. Fortunately, this is not the way to success. Any beginner, gradually increasing his small turnover and finding product varieties is moving towards his goal.

While surfing the Internet, you may find many options for starting Amazon business For example, by investing $1500 to buy and deliver your first shipment, you can increase the final sum by half. Do not forget about the marketing – it will cost you about $500. In order to understand the art of Amazon sale, you may find a coach if you are not able to study big portions of information yourself. Training will cost you up to $5000. However, if you increase the amount of investments by half, then more money can be invested in further production. Thus, you will create a complete cycle, beginning with production and ending with selling product to your consumer.

When will I get the invested money back?

The invested money will be available after the very first purchase, but in order to make the process continuous, it will be necessary to invest the money earned into business development, i.e. buying more goods.

Product launch.

If you work only by yourself, product launch will occur at least in three months. Three-month period is required for choosing your product and suppliers, getting samples and the production of the first order. It will only remain to deliver the goods to Amazon warehouse.

We advise you to calculate the net cost of the product very carefully, do not forget that it includes not only the cost of the product itself, but also the cost of packaging, labeling, delivery, as well as FBA payments. As a rule, on condition that everything is well organized, the net profit will be up to 25% in 3-6 months after the product launch.

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