From 05 of September 2017

Sales in the USA.

T The concept "fixed price" appeared in the US, the first price tags appeared there as well. Beginning from the middle of the 19th century, supermarkets and first sales began to appear in America…
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From 11 of August 2017

Tips for starting your own business on Amazon.

This article is for those who are just planning to start their FBA business. What is FBA? Fulfillment by Amazon may be considered a real gift for any businessman who does not have enough time for searching for warehouses and handling the cargo. What are the minimum investments required to start Amazon business? And the next question: when will your profit be available?
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From 01 of August 2017

From today we will not only provide 3PL logistics services and prepare your parcels for shipping to Amazon warehouses.

D Dear customers and those who are still planning to use our prep center Amazon FBA service! STORAGE NUMBER ONE launches an absolutely new service, which is connected with your numerous requests...
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From 31 of July 2017

Amazon has patented its new project - a tower-parking for drones!

I It's not a secret that AMAZON has been thinking a lot about introducing the delivery of parcels with the help of drones. Due to the fact that drones need to be stored, repaired and recharged, the company decided to implement an effective solution and tools suitable for all these purposes. So, from numerous options offered at the moment, the best is considered to be a tower-parking...
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From 01 of July 2017

Dear customers and visitors of our company's official page in Facebook!

We would like to inform you that the profile of our representative in Facebook - Victor Sher - was closed by Facebook for unknown reason...
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